Douglas County Libraries Wants to Hear from You



Douglas County Libraries (DCL) is seeking input from community members regarding new libraries in Castle Pines and Lone Tree. A survey at will remain open until August 1.

DCL has thrived in Douglas County, largely due to the support, patronage and growth of the community. Since 2007, circulation has increased by more than 24% (4.5% annually), from approximately 6.5 million to more than 8 million items annually. The seven DCL locations serve more than 2 million visitors and 230,000 program participants every year.

DCL has responded to the community’s growth and demand for innovative new library spaces and services by launching a multi-year campaign to fund and build three new libraries to serve the towns of Parker, Castle Pines and Lone Tree. A survey specific to the Parker location was completed last year.

The current survey is administered by Datum Advisors, and addresses how people use libraries today, plus what they might want in their libraries tomorrow. Survey responses will remain anonymous, and questions or concerns regarding the survey may be directed to

Thank you for your participation and for contributing your voice to the building of the new branches! Click here to take the survey.

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Road Trip Math


Summertime might be the most popular time to take a road trip. This can either be a fun or not so fun experience. Depending on how long the trip is, you are going to want to keep several tricks in your arsenal bag to keep kids occupied. Of course, there are movies, electronic games, books on cd, but don’t forget about math.

There are many ways to incorporate math skills into your car time. Some of the skills that can be tapped into are: estimation, more than/less than, multiplication, and addition.
road-trip-with-kidsStart off by asking how far they think a destination or store might be. If you do this at home, show them how to use Mapquest or Google Maps to check their estimations. If you are already on the road, clock the mileage with your odometer and let them know. For younger children, ask if the actual mileage is more or less than their prediction. For older kids, talk them through how to calculate the cost of gas for the trip or errand you are on. You can figure the exact cost or have them estimate depending on the age of your child. Have them predict the time it will take to get someplace either by guessing or if they can by using the mileage and speed limit information.

Check out the website Family Education to read more about incorporating math into your car trips including ideas for using the numbers on license plates.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas : Maps, Games, Activities, and More for Hours of Backseat Fun is a great book to check out from your closest Douglas County Libraries branch to let your kids follow your journey, read about places across the US and also do some cool activities.

Be safe out there!

Jaime Gotlieb, Early Childhood Literacy Specialist


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Your New Library Will Include:



Integrated Family Space

We desire to serve not just children, but the adults and other family members who accompany children to the library. In this space, we will build on our foundation of investing in young minds, then seek to maximize environments and collections to offer a variety of experiences for children and adults alike.

Classic Library with a Twist

In our new libraries, shelving and signage will encourage you to browse and explore more deeply the collection you already love. Within the collection, you’ll find a variety of environments to accommodate the experience you seek: for yourself or your small group, for quiet study or interaction with others.

More than a Meeting Room

As they have for 100 years, your new library will provide community spaces. In their new iteration, however, these spaces will be more flexible, visible and unique, and more easily integrate into the larger library.

Outdoor Life

Our new libraries will dance with their surroundings, embrace the outdoors and align with our Colorado lifestyle. Features may include decks or patios, and will definitely take advantage of the natural light and scenery that we are so fortunate to enjoy in Douglas County.

Staff Spaces that Work for Us

We understand that our friendly and creative staff are a big part of your library experience. Our new buildings will provide for adequate work spaces, storage, facility maintenance spaces and IT infrastructure, allowing us to lavish our attention, products and services on you.

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What’s Happening with Our New Libraries?


Our Project Team is in place, and site plans are in the conceptual design phase. Meet our partners:

Anderson Mason Dale Architects

Joey Carrasquillo, Architect

John Everlin, Project Manager

Studiotrope Design Collective

Sage Case, Interior Designer

Deva Montalbano, Brand Designer

Joseph Montalbano, Architecture Principal

Integrated Construction Solutions

Dave Detwiler, Architect

Bruce Flynn, Owner’s Representative

Fransen Pittman Construction Company

Jim Pittman, President

What happens next?

August 29, 2014: Basic Design Presentation

September 2014: Begin Detailed Design

First Quarter 2015: Begin Staffing Discussions and Planning

First-Second Quarter 2015: Ground Breaking

Second Quarter 2016: Estimated Completion

What will the libraries look like?

The new library in Parker will be between 38,000 and 46,000 square feet, with 160+ parking spaces. The new library in Lone Tree will be between 25,000 and 30,000 square feet, and the new library in Castle Pines will be between 10,000 and 15,000 square feet. All the new libraries will have two floors.

Our Funding Model

No Leaf Unturned is a campaign for new libraries in three Douglas County communities underserved by their current library facilities: Castle Pines, Lone Tree and Parker. Together, the new libraries will cost $35.2 million.

Douglas County Libraries will contribute $23.1 million, the majority of the funds required. Our county’s growing population and associated library property-tax revenue, along with sound management and increased operating efficiencies, have allowed us to save amounts suitable for reinvestment back into our community.

The City of Castle Pines, City of Lone Tree and Town of Parker will support the new libraries through land donations worth approximately $3 million.

The Douglas County Libraries Foundation will reinvest revenues from book sales and miscellaneous unrestricted donations in the amount of approximately $570,000.

We hope to raise $250,000 in additional community support from corporate and private donors. Libraries in Douglas County are vital to our lives and our community. Join us in preserving this vital asset, and provide a legacy that will enable all county residents to enjoy its benefits and services for many years to come. To donate, visit


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Exercise Your Mind with Math Brainteasers


Hopefully, you and your family had many chances to get outside and be physically active this summer. Whether you swam at the pool, walked around your neighborhood, or hiked some 14er’s, we know that exercise does the body good. Your brain needs exercise too!  Math puzzles are a great way for kids and grown-ups to work out together.

Look at this triangle of pennies.


Can you move only 3 pennies and flip this triangle upside down? Have your kids search around the house to find pennies to recreate this puzzle with real objects. Have fun thinking and manipulating the pennies to solve the problem.

Want to see the solution?  Visit Cool Math 4 Kids and click on “solution.” You can find more math puzzles here.

Warning, exercise, even brain exercise, can become addicting. Fortunately, Douglas County Libraries has a great selection of brain teaser/math puzzle books. You can find them in different locations around the library, so search the catalog or ask a staff person for help.  Here is a poetry, I mean puzzle, no wait, math book. Actually, it is all three! Check out, Edgar Allan Poe’s Pie: Math Puzzlers in Classic Poems by Patrick J. Lewis. You’ll find it in the children’s poetry area.

Jaime Gotlieb, Early Childhood Literacy Specialist


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Move Over Math Textbook! These Math Books Are Much More Fun


They say to never judge a book by its cover, well, that is not how I operate; I believe the same goes for kids. The cover of the book can be one of the most important decisions a publisher can make, which is why some older books come out “new” again. The only change being made is to the cover design.

bookcover (35)If you tell your child to take out their math books, you might hear moans throughout the house. The first thing I think of when I hear that phrase is those big heavy text books.  There is nothing appealing about them. At Douglas County Libraries we have math books, but not in the traditional sense. Author Greg Tang has a series of books that poses challenges to his readers to count and compute fast by showing kids (and adults) how to combine numbers in smart ways, not just obvious ways.

Mr. Tang’s titles include, Math Potatoes, Math Fables, The Grapes of Math, Math-terpieces, and The Best of Times.  These fun titles have equally enticing covers which should curb those moans. Do the challenges with your child. Race to see who can figure out the correct answer first.


ladybugsHow many ladybugs are there?


Can you make groups to add more quickly?


Time how long it took your child to come up with the answer, now time yourself.





To find out more information about author Greg Tang and to play some math games online, visit:

Jaime Gotlieb, Early Childhood Literacy Specialist


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This Week at Douglas County Libraries: July 7-July 13

Stop by a branch this week for storytimes, book clubs and more! Be sure not to miss special guests, authors Dr. Jon Kredrowski and Gail Storey. On Thursday at the Parker branch, Dr. Kredrowski, a worldwide mountaineer and geographer, will be talking about weather patterns on the summits. At the Lone Tree branch on Sunday, hilarious Gail Storey will be retelling stories from her witty memoir, I Promise Not to Suffer.

Monday, July 7

storytime6:30 PM 

All Ages Storytime, Roxborough

Join us for an all ages (0-5) storytime tonight at Roxborough. Each of our storytimes are based on the American Libraries Association’s Every Child Ready to Read, which emphasizes six early literacy skills and help maximize children’s readiness to read in Kindergarten.

6:00 PM: Castle Rock Chess Club, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

6:00 PM: GED Prep Class, Parker

Tuesday, July 8

tweens11:00 PM

Unbored, Lone Tree

It’s time to get “unbored” this summer! Try a new activity, learn a skill and show your creativity.

11:00 AM: Kids Zone at Rox, Roxborough

1:00 PM: After Lunch Book Club, Roxborough

7:00 PM: Book Lovers: Young Adult Edition, Parker

7:00 PM: Night Readers, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Wednesday, July 9

2-people-killed-in-massive-colorado-wildfires6:30 PM

Active Minds: Wildfires, Roxborough

Join us to learn about all aspects of wildfires: how fires are fought, the role of forest policy, weather and newer challenges. We’ll also look at the role of fire in nature and how areas have recovered from devastating burns.

6:30 PM: Business Plan Basics, Parker

6:30 PM: Knit Lit Book Club, James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch

6:30 PM: Teen Reads for Grown Ups Book Club, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Thursday, July 10

20120717_031820_fe17fourteener16:30 PM

Sleeping on the Summits: Colorado 14ers to Mt. Everest, Parker

From sleeping on 55 summits of Colorado’s 14ers to summiting Mount Everest, Dr. Jon Kredrowski will explore the nuts and bolts of mountain weather patterns, altitude, gear and how critical this information is for outdoor pursuits, especially for Colorado 14ers.

7:00 PM: Book Lovers, Roxborough

7:00 PM: Teen Library Council: Designer Donuts, Lone Tree

Saturday, July 12

sat-answer-sheet9:30 AM

SAT/ACT Combo Practice Test, Lone Tree

Students answer questions from all subjects tested on the ACT and SAT. They receive a detailed analysis of their performance, helping them determine which test is right for them.

10:30 AM: Saturday Surprise Storytime, Castle Pines

12:00 PM: Live Local Music: Pride in Pieces, Parker

1:00 PM: Digital Photography for Amateurs, James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch

Sunday, July 13

bookcover (36)2:00 PM

Afternoon with Award-Winning Author Gail Storey, Lone Tree

Gail D. Storey will talk about her memoir, I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail. She recounts the harrowing story with love and humor. She and her husband, Porter, hiked the 2,663-mile Trail in their 50s.


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Ten Pin Limbo


After a long winter, I look forward to getting outside as much as possible. We have beautiful weather in Colorado, but there are going to be some days that being inside is a better choice. Bowling is a very popular inside activity that families can do together, and there are many math activities to do at the alley. How do you calculate your score after you get a spare, strike, or even two strikes?

bowling2Lots of families will have the same idea on those bad weather days. The bowling allies will likely have a wait time to play. If you decide to stay home, you and the kids can still enjoy a nice game of Ten Pin Limbo. In this game you will be rolling dice instead of a ball.  Here is what you need to know to get started:

Materials Required: Pen or pencil, two standard six-sided dice, and a 10-Pin Limbo! Game sheet for each player (Get the game card at: Zeno Math.)

How to Play:

Start by rolling two dice. Add the dice together to get the total. (ex., 4+5 = 9) (Players take turns rolling after each player rolls and crosses out her/his sum.) A player will roll and then pass the dice to their opponent.

Cross out a combination that equals the sum (ex., 9). (three examples are 8+1, 5+4 or simply 9).  Only two digit equations. Only sums.

Continue rolling the dice each time it is your turn and eliminating numbers on your game sheet frame. (One roll per turn)

Your game is over if you roll the dice and cannot eliminate the sum or two addends. The other player keeps rolling and crossing out numbers until getting a roll that produces a sum or two addends that can’t be crossed out. That game is over and the next one may begin.

Add up the remaining uncrossed-out numbers on the board to get your score. A perfect score is 0 and the lower score between the two players is the winner of the game. (ex., if you crossed out all the numbers except the 2 and the 3, your score would be: 2 + 3 = 5).

Players will receive one point for each victory.

At the end of all 3 games, team totals of victories will be tallied with the higher score dictating the winner.

You can find more math games at

Check out the eBook, Kids’ Activities for a Rainy Day from the library catalog to make the most of those indoor days.

jgotliebJaime Gotlieb, Early Childhood Literacy Specialist


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I Saw a Four Leaf Clover: Lucky Books


Badge_14Have you found the four leaf clover yet for your Camp DCL badge? If not, here are some books about four leaf clovers and fortunes while you’re waiting for your luck to turn around.



bookcover (30)Good Luck Bear

Bear and Mouse are looking for four-leaf clover luck. They can’t find one, and they begin to feel very unlucky until……This heartwarming story will be very relatable if you have been attempting to get the four leaf clover badge.




bookcover (31)Fiona’s Luck

Fiona, a clever lass outsmarts the greedy leprechaun king in this Irish folktale.  Children will love this tale; the artwork is stunning, particularly Fiona’s changeable expressions and lively leprechauns.





bookcover (32)Amelia Bedelia Tries Her Luck

This early reader features lovable housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia as a young girl. She explores superstitions in this hilarious read.





bookcover (33)Fancy Nancy: Just My Luck

Another early reader with a favorite character. Nancy learns about superstitions in this book and tries to keep track of what’s lucky and what’s not.





bookcover (34)Very Lucky Ponies

This early reader features My Little Ponies characters. When Serendipity finds a four-leaf clover, she shares her good luck with her pony friends. But when the clover disappears, the ponies learn that they are already very lucky ponies because they have each other.

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I Saw a Dandelion: Fun Dandelion Summer Reads

Camp_WebBannerBadge_15Have you found a dandelion yet for your Camp DCL dandelion badge?  While you’re searching, here are some great dandelion picture books so you can show your child what he’s looking for and talk about how seeds are dispersed.


bookcover (7)The Dandelion Seed

A large gust of wind takes a scared dandelion seed on an adventure, and it learns how amazing the world can be. This book explains seeds, seasons and cycles.





bookcover (8)Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move

This book shows all the great ways that seeds travel from hitching a ride on sleeves and socks to scurrying with scampering squirrels.





bookcover (9)Who Will Plant a Tree?

This is another great book that shows how animals play a part in dispersing seeds.






bookcover (10)A Seed is Sleepy

Kids of all ages will adore this highly poetic book. There will be something new to learn about plants and seeds for everyone.





bookcover (11)Oh, Say Can You Seed?

In this book, the Cat in the Hat examines various parts of plants, seeds and flowers, including photosynthesis and pollination.






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