This Week at Douglas County Libraries: September 8-September 14

Monday, September 8

sabotage6:30 PM

Darkness and Light: Sabotage, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Join our favorite movie host, Matt Wigdahl, for a screening of the Hitchcock classic, Sabotage.

4:30 PM: Just Write!, Parker

4:30 PM: Slick Science, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Tuesday, September 9

native-law6:30 PM

Cafecito Amigos, Parker

Join us for a celebration of craft and culture! This month, we will look at the different ways cultures express themselves through craft–both of the traditional and not-so-traditional variety.

6:00 PM: Spark! A Book Club for Kids and Parents, Parker

7:00 PM: Night Readers, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Wednesday, September 10

hard-times-and-knitting6:30 PM

Knit Lit Book Club, James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch

The best things in this world combined: books and knitting! This month, the club is discussing The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Bring your knitting; knitting advice will be shared following the book discussion.

7:00 PM: Book Banter, Lone Tree

Thursday, September 11

sitemgr_photo_200024802710:30 AM

Sensory-Enhanced Storytime, James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch

Join us for an inclusive storytime for all children on the autism spectrum and all differently-abled children at a preschool developmental level. Adult must accompany child. Siblings and therapists also welcome.

4:15 PM: Sensory-Enhanced Storytime, James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch

4:30 PM: LEGO Club, Roxborough

6:30 PM: Tai Chi: Fitness & Focus, Castle Pines

Friday, September 12

5:00 PM

5859_IMAGE_0-720,0,320x180,1;0-720,0,640x360,2;720-9999,0,595x335,1Roald Dahl Day!, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Come celebrate Roald Dahl’s Birthday with cake and more! Disguise yourself as one of his characters for our costume contest. Try the obstacle course, games, crafts, trivia and invent your own Revolting Recipe!

Saturday, September 13

MinigolfCaddystacks: Mini golf at the Library

Beat the heat and join us inside as we turn the library into a mini golf course. It’s great for all ages! Sign up for one of the open tee times below:

10:30 AM: Secrets of Great Competition Chili, Roxborough

2:00 PM: Castle Rock Has Talent Show, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock





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You’re Invited!



We want your ideas and thoughts about what’s in store for the new libraries in Castle Pines, Lone Tree and Parker. If you are interested in attending our Community Open House at Seasons 52 on September 23rd, please email Amber DeBerry ( or call 303.688.7641.

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Books for Dog Lovers

BarkforBooksLogo150x (1)It’s National Dog Day! At Douglas County Libraries, we think dogs are great reading companions. In fact, several studies have shown that reading to dogs build confidence and self-esteem in early readers. Volunteers and their trained therapy dogs visit branches each month to give struggling and beginning readers a chance to read aloud without feeling judged. For a full list of program times, visit our website.  

If you are already an accomplished reader who just loves dogs, here is a great list of books that you may want to check out today:

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Enzo is a wise old dog filled with observations about his racecar driving owner, Denny and the life they share together. Through Denny, Enzo has gained tremendous insight into the human condition, and he sees that life, like racing, isn’t simply about going fast. It is a great look at life….as only a dog can tell it.

Good Dog. Stay by Anna Quindlen

Brilliant novelist, Quindlen shares the lessons she learned from her black Labrador retriever in this heartening and bittersweet nonfiction book.

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives. Bailey’s first life is spent as a puppy at a home of a lovely but slightly absent-minded woman who owns more than the legal limits of dogs. Bailey is removed by animal control, and his next life brings him to young Ethan, the human Bailey will love and search for through all his subsequent lives. Through all these lives, Bailey maintains curiosity and humor.

Marley and Me by John Grogan 

This heartwarming story is about a family and neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.

My Dog: The Paradox by Matthew Inman

Inman, of The Oatmeal comic fame, creates an ode to man’s best friend. Hilarious and heartfelt, the comic illustrates the complicated relationship between man and dog.

The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

This beloved children’s book inspired the movie, Homeward Bound. It is the story of the young Labrador retriever, the rougish bull terrier and the indomitable Siamese cat who set out through the Canadian wilderness to make their way home.

I Thought You Were Dead by Peter Nelson

“I thought you were dead” is the refrain Stella, Paul Gustavson’s elderly dog tells him when he comes home. Paul is a sad, divorced writer who is listless.

Dog on It by Spencer Quinn

The first in the Chet and Bernie mysteries. Chet is the wise and lovable canine narrator of the series who works alongside Bernie, a private investigator. They get into mischief as they bring the bad guys to justice.

Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

Temple Grandin meets Stephen Pinker in this engaging and informative look at what goes on inside the minds of dogs-from a cognitive scientist with a background at The New Yorker.

The Genius of Dogs by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

Evolutionary new insights into dog intelligence and the interior lives of our smartest pets. Brian Hare’s stunning discovery is that when dogs domesticated themselves as early as 40,000 years ago they became far more like human infants than their wolf ancestors. Domestication gave dogs a whole new kind of social intelligence. This finding will change the way we think about dogs and dog training

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Oh, the Places Douglas County Libraries Books Will Go

One of our copies of Bird Box by Josh Malerman has seen Dursley, England while another one of our books (Untamed State by Roxane Gay) traveled to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. You (along with our books) have truly been around the world this summer.

Let us know where you’ve taken a Douglas County Libraries book this summer, by adding it to our DCL Travels Map.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.24.43 PM

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Shop Until You Drop at the Shopping Extravaganza (And Help Douglas County Libraries)


Come shop with us at the Outlets at Castle Rock on September 20, 2014 – 10AM – 6PM. 

This year Douglas County Libraries was selected to participate in this charity event now in its 9th year in Douglas County.  Tickets to the event are $20 per person with Douglas County Libraries Foundation receiving $10 of each ticket sold by our organization.  Really, there is no catch – $10 of your ticket is tax deductible and gives you a full day of fun, food, shopping and outstanding prizes.   Your $20 ticket includes:

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This Week at DCL: August 18-24

Monday, August 18

Reading126:00 PM

GED Prep Class, Parker

Instruction, assessment, and practice for those 17 and older who are preparing to take the GED exam.

6:30 PM: All Ages Storytime, Roxborough

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Calamity Jane’s Back to School Favorites

CalamityJaneSchool’s back! As a parent, you may be thrilled; however, your child may be apprehensive about starting school or a new grade. Here are some books, crafts and snacks that can be reassuring during the first week of school.



bookcover (28)Wemberly Worried
by Kevin Henkes  

Wemberly worries about everything, especially the first day of school. If you have a chronic worrier, this story is a great one that is reassuring without being dismissive.


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Books with a Bite



Do you live for Shark Week? If so, you may enjoy these books about the kings of the sea.

bookcover (23)The Devil’s Teeth by Susan Casey

A journalist’s obsession brings her to Farallon Islands, remote islands off the coast of San Francisco, home to great white sharks. She joins two biologists, who bunk down during shark season each fall in the island’s one habitable building. Her fascination with the terrifying creatures soon yields to a full blown obsession.

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This Week: August 11-17

Whether you’re a kid, parent or grandparent, we have a program for you this week! Join us for kids’ science programming, lifelong learning class on the Great War or a family fun storytelling festival on Saturday.

Monday, August 11

jellyfish-sfSpan-v24:00 PM

Science Extravaganza, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

Join us and Guest from CU as we explore Marine Biology! Discover the watery world of jellyfish, sea horses, sharks and other ocean creatures.

5:15 PM: Science Extravaganza, Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock

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Math Memory


Summer vacation is all but over. It is time to send the kiddos back to school. What is that that I am hearing? Are those adult cheers from around Douglas County? It is funny how we can’t wait for summer to get here. We have lots of plans and activities to do. At some point, though, maybe because of the heat, maybe because of the sound of kids fighting, we start counting the days till school is back in session.

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