Trader Joe’s is Coming!


I have never been to a TJ’s before, but I hear great things from my friends that have. Three are opening here in CO. One in Greenwood Village, one off Colorado Blvd in Denver, and one in the Springs. The Greenwood Village store is closer, but the one in Denver has wine so that’s the one I’m planning on visiting. They open on February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and I can’t wait!
I usually shop at Sprouts, but grocery shopping is my favorite kind of shopping and this is a new store. Here are the criteria I will be judging the store on:

1. Organic Humanly Raised Meats – I’m a vegetarian but I cook meat for my friends and family. I like to know the animal had a good life before it ends up on my husband’s dinner plate. That said I’m looking for good prices and quality.

2. Produce – Can I get the same stuff for the same quality and pricing elsewhere? If so why bother driving?

3. Wine – Need I say more? I’ve heard about Two Buck Chuck and I’m ready to try it out.

4. Miscellaneous – I don’t eat much prepared food, but I’m willing to give it a try. I’m also interested in the vibe, displays, and bulk food. (I’m a sucker for bulk food because it reminds me of being a kid and “sampling” all the bulk candy when my mom was not looking.

Library Katie and I will let you know how the trip goes, and if we think it’s worth the drive.

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