‘Star Trek’ Wars Trivia

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You: “I love trivia!”

Me: “I know.”

So why wouldn’t you come to the Castle Rock – Philip S. Miller library on Saturday, May 6, at 3 p.m.? It would be highly illogical!

There will be Star Wars trivia!

There will be Star Trek trivia!

There will be food!

There will be prizes!

Special note: Kids are welcome to join your team, but we want you to know the questions are written at a level intended for teens and adults.

 Live long and prosper, and May the 4th be with you!


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LifeHack #256:

Bored? Go to the busiest place you can find and loudly proclaim, “Batman is better than Superman.”

Or come to the Castle Rock – Philip S. Miller library to experience some hands-on DIY hacks for pranks, quick and easy costumes, and survival skills. We plan to have a lot of silly fun with some useful hacks added in! (Plus, if you want to tell us why Superman is actually better than Batman, we will politely listen to you explain why. I make no promises that we will agree.)

Thursday, January 19, from 7-8:30PM at Castle Rock – Philip S. Miller library

Register Here to Reserve a Spot!

Upcoming Event: Geeks Who Read

Geeks Who Read

Teen Trivia Night

Do you know a bunch of random stuff?  Do you like to win stuff?  Do you enjoy consuming root beer floats and/or pizza?

If you said yes to any of those questions…

Visit Parker on Wednesday, July 13th @ 7 pm 


Come to Castle Rock on Thursday, July 14th @ 7 pm

For more information or to register you and your friends for trivia at Parker, Castle Rock or both, click the corresponding link above!  Looking forward to seeing you there.


Novel Con!

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The Castle Rock – Philip S. Miller library’s TLC is full of book nerds, and we couldn’t think of anything better than creating a mini comic con-style event for book lovers to geek out over some of their favorites!

Join us there to find 221B Baker Street, Narnia, the Sorting Hat, Zombies, the TARDIS, superheroes, a Hobbit Hole, Middle Earth and so much more!  There will also be a Cosplay Contest and awesome prizes!

Details follow…

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