Battle of the Books 2014-2015 Author Pronunciation List (revised)

Battle of the Books Author Pronunciation List 2014-15

3rd & 4th Grade

Kate DiCamillo: Kate “Dee_Ca_mellow”

Jerry Spinelli: Jerry “Spin_elli”

Andrew Clements: Andrew “Clem_mints”

Eth Clifford: “eh_th” “Cliff_ford”

Lois Lowry: “Low_is” “L_ow_ree”

Rita Williams-Garcia: “Ree_ta” Williams-“Gar_see_a”

Cynthia Lord: Cynthia Lord

Frances Hodgson Burnett: Frances “Hodg_son” “Burn_net”

Jennifer L. Holm: Jennifer L. “Hole_m”

Patricia MacLachlan: “Pa_trisha” Mac_lock_lan”


5th & 6th Grade

Rob Buyea: Rob “Boo_yay”

Katherine Paterson: Katherine “Pat_er_son”

Peg Kehret: Peg “Carrot”

Rodman Philbrick: “Rod_man” “Phil_brick”

Richard and Florence Atwater: Richard and “Floor_ince” “At_water”

Henry Cole: Henry “Coal”

Joe O’Neill: Joe “Oh_Kneel”

N.H. Senzai: N.H. “Sans_eye”

Christopher Paul Curtis: Christopher Paul Curtis

R.J. Palacio: R.J. “Pa_la_see_oh”