25 Delightful Gifts for the Bookish



Some people live to read, others read to live — you know who they are!

We’ve rounded up 25 bookish gift ideas befitting all the bibliophiles in your life. From stocking stuffers, to wearables, to items that keep the literary inspiration burning.





Stuff the stockings!

  • Can socks be stocking stuffers? We say yes! The mystery lover in your life will relish these Sherlock socks, and that whimsical friend? Go for Where the Wild Things Are. Literacy bonus: Purchasing a pair of Wild Things socks sends one book to a community in need.
  • Maybe your young reader is also a young writer. These Harry Potter pencils will keep them writing.
  • You know that friend who occasionally busts out a classic Shakespeare soliloquy? He probably has chapped lips. This Shakespearean lip balm can help!
  • For those who eschew e-books and e-readers, try these punny bookmarks, or these beautifully romantic ones.
  • Readers who wear their hearts on their bumpers will get a kick out of these.


Keep the holidays festive for the drinkers in your life:


Know any Gilmore Girls fans? (And let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) This Stars Hollow Book Club reading list is something to aspire to!


Your book-loving pals can literally wear their love:


Finally, those who enjoy the comforts of home might like these bookish doodads:


The list of literary goodies goes on! All of the websites featured here offer a virtually endless supply of gift items for those who live to read, or read to live. Gift on!

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