image1Our three new buildings in Castle Pines, Lone Tree and Parker are equipped with Everbright walls. Create a lighted masterpiece and share it on social media with the hashtag #IMadeThisatDCL. We are looking forward to showcasing Douglas County’s creativity.


15 thoughts on “#IMadeThisatDCL

  1. I was at your Highlands ranch location tonight from 6-8pm trying to study for my up coming exams, I was disappointed an actually horrified to witness many rude and loud people at the tables carrying on like they were at starbucks or a local bar. Do your employees not have the ability or the courage to enforce the library rules?
    Please take care of this persistant problem imediately or I will post it on facebook,yelp, and bring in the news media to do a report on the weak and in effective management at your library,

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about your disruptive experience at our Highlands Ranch branch. Please always feel free to reach out to the library staff when disruptions like that cause problems for you. If you’d like to discuss this more, please contact our Highlands Ranch branch manager Tammy Clausen at 303-791-7323. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. It’s not a playground. Kids are hitting the studyroom windows with chairs that gave wheels on them. The mother is allowing her child to use them as a walker.
    Disturbing to say the least for those of us that are trying to study

  3. Hi Vivian, I’m very sorry to hear about your disruptive experience. Please always feel free to reach out to the library staff in the branch if you experience a disruption for immediate attention. If you’d like to discuss this more, please call us at 303-791-7323 to be routed to the correct branch manager. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  4. Or inform the parents about being quiet when they walk into the building. Again it’s not playtime at a playground.
    FIY, I drove 40 miles to try to get some quiet time for studying.

  5. The Branch manager needs to be informed about the staff being just as loud and rude. I told a volunteer and she just laughed. I asked her to bring it to the managers attention. She seemed indifferent.

    1. Hi Vivian, Which location is this happening? We will let that branch manager know. Once again, we apologize for your negative experience. We will make sure to take it to the branch manager.

  6. I am glad I’m not the only one. Let’s talk about the Castle Rock location. It seems that it is just as crazy and noisy as the other Douglas County Library locations. It’s not a place to come and do research, or study anymore in a quiet environment that requires a higher level of focus. Is it customary for a library to allow little children to run through the isle ways crying and screaming because their parents are oblivious to everyone else around them? It seems the new library, if that is what leadership is trying to achieve, has become somewhat of a daycare center. When was it OK to bring a dog into the library and have the staff fawn all over the animal in their less than quiet voices? Why is there a child door into the children section? I get it, but when that door is loudly slammed 20 or more times a day, and reverberates through the whole library, something needs to be adjusted here. Perhaps a solution to assure the door closes quietly? Music being piped through ceiling speakers? Why is that necessary? Evidently, priority is given to different age groups for spaces in the library that have common use computer equipment, essentially forcing one to move to another section of the library. The leadership group says things like, “premium library experiences for all our guests”, “we want to exceed our patron expectations”, regarding patrons and wanting them, “entertained”. I don’t believe your achieving your goals just based on the few posts you have received this year so far. Who is the library truly catering to? The staff is great, knowledgeable, and very helpful, but they do not enforce. Perhaps the library can investigate a true and pure quiet area for all the libraries with computer access? An area where one could hear a pin drop. Where cell phones are required to be put on vibrate. This may be asking too much, as perhaps there are only a few people anymore that would like to have a library where we would rather not be “entertained”, or need to have an “experience”. I take the “experience” quote back. I do want an “experience” at a library…..a nice quiet one.

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