Operation Paperback: A Mission for Our Service Members

“Just a note to let you know how thankful we are for all the donations sent for our soldiers. We recently admitted a seasoned warrior with four deployments behind him. He and his family were at their wits’ end not knowing how to handle the PTSD he has been enduring for years. He got treatment and support, and his wife readily accepted the book donated by your library. It was the one entitled ‘When Someone You Love Has PTSD.’ They are better armed now to deal with some of their trials. Without your help we would be less able to make an impact. I think of you and your library so often as I see your gifts being put to use.” – Rosa

“Our service members and their families make sacrifices every day for our country … We are truly thankful to [the] Lone Tree library on behalf of Operation Paperback for showing your appreciation by donating books! It is heartwarming to know that you are willing to let America’s military members know that you appreciate their service and their sacrifices.” – Eisenhower Army Medical Center Personnel

These are just some of the thank-you notes Douglas County Libraries (DCL) has received over the years from U.S. service members and the organizations serving them who have received donated books from DCL through Operation Paperback, a national, nonprofit organization.

DCL sends gently used books that have been donated and/or withdrawn from our collection to those who serve our country, as well as to organizations that serve them. We’re able to do this with the help of dedicated volunteers and the Douglas County Libraries Foundation, which funds the costs associated with the program. Volunteers donate their time for this worthy opportunity often to fulfill their own personal passion, sometimes because they have family members actively serving in the military.

The program is administered through DCL’s Lone Tree location. Each month, volunteers at Lone Tree review Operation Paperback’s list of books desired by soldiers and their families, residing both stateside and overseas, and determine which requests can be filled using our donated and withdrawn books. They then package the books for each order and DCL’s Lone Tree Branch Volunteer Coordinator mails the packages.

DCL typically sends two to six packages a month to service members and their families. With the Foundation’s financial support, we’ve been able to connect with our nation’s service members by donating 2,017 books of all genres since 2014; in 2018 alone, we’ve already sent nearly 480 books.

“Thank you so much for donating books to our platoon! We have been busy reading and enjoying the new titles you sent us.” – Soldiers of 1st Platoon

We’re honored to share these books with our nation’s service members and are grateful for their service.

Join DCL in Doing Some Good!

Douglas County Libraries Foundation helps fund programs like Operation Paperback that reach youth, adults and families in our community and beyond. Join DCL in doing some good on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 4. When you schedule your donation to the DCL Foundation, your gift will go even further thanks to Community First Foundation and FirstBank’s $1 million incentive fund.

Make a difference today! Learn more about Douglas County Libraries Foundation and the various ways you can give, or schedule a donation now.

Want to Do More?

Honor local veterans at our Veterans Celebration event, presented by Highlands Ranch Metro District and Douglas County Libraries.

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10 thoughts on “Operation Paperback: A Mission for Our Service Members

  1. How can we find out what the soldiers are requesting to read? Are they always specific titles or do some just have genres? And, you only collect for this program at the Lone Tree location?

    1. Thanks for your interest, Courtney! DCL is registered through Operation Paperback itself. On their website, we can let them know what we have available and they send us names and addresses of soldiers and/or families that would like the genres we have. We send books by genre. Lone Tree is the location that handles Operation Paperback. We have always been able to fulfill requests from our donated and/or weeded materials from Lone Tree. If you have additional questions about this program, please feel free to contact Teresa LeFevre, Lone Tree Branch Volunteer Coordinator, at 303-791-7323.

    1. Hi Donna, DCL accepts gently used hardbacks for donation. If they are donated at our Lone Tree location (10055 Library Way), we will consider them for Operation Paperback as long as the genres are a match to soldiers’ requests. So, if a book/genre is hardback and was specifically requested by a soldier or his/her family through the Operation Paperback program, then our Lone Tree volunteers will send that hardback. Thanks for asking!

    1. You may donate gently used paperback books at any time. If you drop them off at our Lone Tree location, they will be considered for Operation Paperback based on the soldiers’ requests, our inventory, and what we can send each month.

    1. Hi Linda, yes, you may donate gently used books for this program at our Lone Tree location (10055 Library Way). However, you don’t have to specify donations for Operation Paperback. Donations will depend on the soldiers’ requests, our inventory, and what we can send each month. We go through the donated books at Lone Tree and save any paperbacks that are appropriate for Operation Paperback based on soldier requests. Thanks for your interest in this program!

    1. Dianne, You may drop off gently used books at our Lone Tree location (10055 Library Way), but you do not have to specify donations for Operation Paperback. Donations will depend on the soldiers’ requests, our inventory, and what we can send each month. We go through the donated books and save any paperbacks that are appropriate for Operation Paperback. Our volunteer comes in 1 to 2 times a month to pack boxes. Thanks for your interest!

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