The Finals! 2017 DCL March Book Madness

DCLMarchBookMadness_Bracket2017-final2The votes are in, and the finalists are set to face off in our 2017 March Book Madness. Your votes will determine this year’s champion! Will it be fantasy, or reality?

What are you waiting for? Vote now for your favorite!

The Finals!

Final 4: DCL March Book Madness

DCLMarchBookMadness_Bracket2017-4Your votes have been tallied and the final four in DCL’s March Book Madness are set! Which fantasy and reality novels will face off in the championship? Vote for your favorites today — and stay tuned!




2017 March Book Madness: Round 2


Here’s the second round of matchups for our 2017 DCL March Book Madness. Only one book can win! Will reality trump fantasy? Get your votes in.



2017 DCL March Book Madness!


It’s time for our annual March Book Madness! We pit books against each other to see which will be the overall literary champion. This year, reality challenges fantasy. We’ve selected books that have been made into a television series or movie. Half of the books are based in reality while the other half are fantastical. Vote!


Here are the first matchups: