Pick Two: Geek Meets Geek

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They fall in love and it all ends “happily ever after” … after enough misunderstandings and miscommunications to make things interesting, that is. It’s the basic formula, right? But what about when our hero is a total cape-wearing geek, or our heroine is a total fangirl? And the setting? Comic Con. Then things get interesting.


by Ashley Poston

Elle Wittimer has a plan: Win the cosplay contest, meet the Federation Prince Carmindor (OK, the actor playing him in the reboot of Starfield, but still), and leave her life of slaving away for her stepmother in the Magic Pumpkin food truck behind. Darien Freeman is thrilled to be playing Federation Prince Carmindor in the Starfield reboot. But he’s less than thrilled about ExcelsiCon, where he’ll be fawned over at meet and greets by rabid Starfield fans, especially the girls, who have already decided he’s just the new heartthrob. But, as a closet nerd, Darien can’t help but hold out hope that he may meet someone who will share his love of Starfield and see him as more than just a handsome face.

The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love

by Sarvenaz Tash
Eight years ago, Harry Potter brought Graham and Roxy together, and they’ve been best friends ever since, though Graham has secretly been in love with Roxy the whole time. Now, eight years later, they aren’t little kids anymore. Instead of sharing a love for Harry, they love The Chronicles of Althena comics. When the creator of Althena is set to make an appearance at the New York Comic Con, Graham hatches an elaborate plan to finally tell Roxy how he feels. Nothing can go wrong when you’re wearing a cape, right?

CONTEST: Advance Copy of The Bone Witch


The Bone Witch
by Rin Chupeco

Tea didn’t mean to raise her brother from the dead. It was a complete accident. While witchcraft is normal in her world, necromancy is another thing, and now she’s an outcast. Tea journeys to another land to learn more about her powers — powers that will come in handy as dark forces gain strength and threaten the land.

This is the first in a new series, due out in March.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Leave a comment below for a chance to win an advance reader copy of The Bone Witch. Don’t wait! The door closes on this opportunity March 2.

Books With Buzz: The Hate U Give


The Hate U Give
by Angie Thomas

Every day, Starr Carter feels like she’s being torn in two. At home, she’s one person, at school she’s another. But really, she doesn’t feel like she fits in either place. She can’t be herself at the private prep school she attends because she is one of just a few black students. And she doesn’t fit in with her poor neighborhood because she attends a private prep school rather than the nearby public high school. It’s not easy, but she manages.

But then one day, she accepts a ride home from a party from a neighborhood friend, Khalil.

They get pulled over by the police.

Khalil is shot and killed.

Khalil is black.

The officer is white.

Khalil was unarmed.

As the only witness, Starr is suddenly in the middle of a national media frenzy.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Thomas explores race with an emphatic, approachable voice. The book’s not even out yet, but there is already talk about a movie adaptation. Rumor has it Amandla Stenberg, who you’d recognize as Rue from The Hunger Games, will star as Starr. Get your name on the hold list now.

2016 in Review: Books on the Big Screen

Are there any original ideas left? So many books were made into movies in 2016. In case you missed any of them, there’s still time to catch up. But do you have to read the book first?

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Holiday Reads

We’ve had the first snow. Thanksgiving has come and gone (though there may still be leftovers). The mall is full of people with a crazed look in their eyes. It must be time for the holidays! Cozy up and get in the spirit with a good read — warm beverage not required, but highly recommended.
The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily
by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

In the year since Dash and Lily met in Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, Lily has had a tough go. Can Dash bring back the magic of Christmas in only 12 short days?

What Light
by Jay Asher

Sierra knows better than to get involved with any guy she meets while selling Christmas trees on her family’s lot in California. Eleven months out of the year she lives in Oregon, on the tree farm, and it’s just not worth it. But this year she meets Caleb and decides that despite his flaws, he might be worth the risk.

Scrooge #worstgiftever

What if Scrooge had a smartphone? This is A Christmas Carol retold in texts.

Saving Red
by Sonya Sones

Molly Rosenberg volunteers to help with her community’s annual homeless count, just to get her school volunteer hours done and over with. But when she meets a girl called Red living on the streets alone, not much older than herself, Molly makes it her personal mission to reunite her with her family before Christmas. Written in verse.