DCL Teens Make an Impact at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference

This past Saturday, April 2nd, 14 teen members of DCL’s Teen Library Council attended the Colorado Teen Literature Conference. Held annually at the Tivoli Student Union Building, the conference promotes and celebrates teen literature and encourages teens to become writers and bibliophiles.

This year’s keynote speakers Eliot Schrefer and Kekla Magoon spoke eloquently about their writing process and the trials and joys of being a published author, and ironically both spoke of gorillas.

The teens attended sessions as varied as Comic Books and the Secret History of the Entire Universe, Judge the Book by Its Cover, and Craftdoms: Crafts for All Geeks.  There are also special “teens only” sessions with the presenting authors, panel discussions, and sessions on how to get your book published.

The teens got a chance to rub elbows with authors and peers who share their love of all things literary and fandom related, and generally geek out over books and book culture.

YA Love Triangles: Love Them or Hate Them?

You can’t read much YA without running into a love triangle or several. They can be fantastic, where you are rooting for the protagonist to choose your favorite, or they can be horrible, where you want to throw the book across the room with their silliness. What do you think? Do you hate them with a fiery passion or love them?