Castle Pines After Dark – A Teen Library Takeover!


Castle Pines After Dark is almost here! It’s Friday, September 22, from 6-9 p.m., and registration is officially open. So what are you waiting for? Sign up! You have to register to attend — and it’s super easy. You can register here.

What Is Castle Pines After Dark?

It’s a teen library takeover!

Castle Pines After Dark is an after-hours fun fest with activities, food and contests throughout the library. No parents or younger siblings can stay; it’s a teens-only event!

What Is There to Do? 

Here are some of the fun things you can do at Castle Pines After Dark:


Crafty Stuff

Wall-mural finger painting

Designing and decorating book bags


Games & Stuff

Silent library games with silly dollar-store prizes

Classic video games

Life-size games

Board games


Group Stuff


Selfie station

Movie screening (you pick the movie!)


Win Stuff

A books and DCL-swag raffle

You win if you can guess how many dinosaurs are in the jar


Last, But Certainly Not Least: EAT STUFF!

That one speaks for itself.


We hope to see you here on the 22nd. Bring your friends, and get ready for fun!

Don’t forget to register!

Geeks Who Read

Questions for You

Q: At what 2017 teen event at the Highlands Ranch – James H. LaRue branch can you score free pizza?
A: Geeks Who Read!

Q: Is the following true or false? Free pizza will be available to all Geeks Who Read in Highlands Ranch on July 18 at 6:30 p.m.
A: True!

Q: What source of free pizza also provides a great time with friends and fandoms?
A: Geeks Who Read!

Register now for the Geeks Who Read teen trivia night in Highlands Ranch on Tuesday, July 18, at 6:30 p.m. In addition to the aforementioned free pizza, there will be scintillating trivia questions and worthy prizes for the victors. It’s a winning combo!

NovelCon: Costume Contest

Voting is open for our 2017 NovelCon Costume Contest! Check out these amazing designs and then vote for your top-three favorites in the comments section below the photos!

Number 1 Harry Potter


Number 2 Hermione Granger


Number 3 Queen Of Hearts and Card Soldier


Number 4 Ranger Maddie


Number 5 Ranger Gilan 


Number 6 Ranger Samuel 


Number 7 Link

Please vote for your three favorite designs in the comments section below (click here if you don’t see it). You must vote for three different designs for your vote to be counted. Simply list them like this:


First Place: photo # [fill in favorite costume number]

Second Place: photo # [fill in second-favorite costume number]

Third Place: photo # [fill in third-favorite costume number]


All positive comments will be published, votes will not be displayed. One online vote per person please.

Thanks for participating in this year’s costume contest, please share with friends and family so they can vote as well!

NovelCon: Answers from 221B Baker Street

Thanks to all who participated at NovelCon this year!

The answer to this year’s mystery is listed below!
Be sure to vote in the costume contest, going on now!


A Case of Singular Identity

What Really Happened


As Edith prepares to begin her walk down the aisle towards her betrothed, Hermann von Helmholtz, there is a knock at the front door.  Though the usher, who is also her former lab assistant, offers to receive the last minute attendees, Edith insists on welcoming them herself.  However, instead of additional guests, she is greeted with a long awaited telegram from the University of Barcelona, which will bring her news of whether or not she has been accepted for their coveted professorship in experimental science.  Risking being late to the alter, she can’t resist ducking into her laboratory, dress, veil and all, for a quick look at the telegram’s contents.  To her astonishment, her application has been declined!  It seems the professorship has been awarded to someone else, someone who had submitted the same findings before her.  From the telegram, she surmises that her work has been stolen by someone close to her – could it be Hermann?!?  Has he stolen and submitted her findings before she could – and has thus been named the discoverer?

She thinks this can easily be sorted out – but she must immediately contact the university!  As she rushes to open the door.  Through her veil she sees Hermann von Helmholtz III, the usher, at the threshold.  As he plunges a knife in to her breast, she grabs his bowtie and then falls to her death.  As the music plays on, Hermann yells “get a doctor” and hides in the shadows as you come out and discover the scene of the crime.  Hermann quickly slips into the wedding and stands among the other attendees.


Winners will be contacted directly with instructions on how to claim their award!



Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado in Highlands Ranch


Learn more about volunteer projects available this summer through Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) at the next Teen Library Council meeting at Douglas County Libraries in Highlands Ranch. We’re meeting on Tuesday, June 13, from 4-5:30 p.m. to hear more about opportunities to get outside and volunteer this summer. VOC offers projects in trail construction and maintenance, habitat restoration, gardening and planting, recreational improvement, and historic preservation.

All teens are welcome! We hope to see you there.