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Cliff is one of the Youth Librarians at the Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock branch. He is working on keeping the Guys Read page up to date with all the best new books. He knows everything about playing guitar, magic, and action books.  He runs our Teen Book Club so stop by the Aloha Teen Tower to sign up.


Lori is our newest Youth Librarian at the Philip S. Miller/Castle Rock branch. She adores her meetings with the TLC (Teen Library Council) group each month because they always make her laugh really hard while sharing all their exciting ideas.  She likes hiking and discovering new music to enjoy, but she really loves reading.  In fact, she used to sneak a flashlight into bed with her so she could read while everyone else was sleeping.  Now she has a tablet that she happily reads library books on, and the screen lights up so no flashlight needed!


Angie is an Adult Services Librarian at the James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch branch where she loves working with the Teen Library Council.  When she’s not reading or at the movies, she likes to travel, eat ice cream, and hang out with her niece and nephews.

awyant Andrea

Andrea is a Youth Librarian at Parker branch. She enjoys long walks on the beach dystopian fiction, or pretty much any book with a fast plot. She has 2 babies of her own, and 25 Teen Library Council members that she considers hers as well. She is a volleyball player, a fast eater, and an avid traveler.


Jill is a Youth Librarian at the Castle Pines branch. She loves reading, reading, and reading some more. Jill also enjoys cooking, going on walks, and playing games of all kinds.


Dana is a librarian at Lone Tree branch, and heads up the Lone Tree Teen Library Council (primary rule? spoilers are punishable by death). She loves reading YA literature and firmly believes she would not survive the Hunger Games, and vampires shouldn’t sparkle. When not at the library, she enjoys knitting, hiking, and baking.

8 thoughts on “Our Contributors

  1. Hey Lisa!!! I have 2 great book recommendations fro you. The first is Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. The second is The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks which I am close to done with. People say The Last Song book is better than the movie.

  2. Hey Melissa! I can’t wait until the summer session is over so I can come back. Do you have any book recommendations? I’m on the waiting list for “Crescendo”, even though I didn’t like Patch.

  3. Erinn,
    I can’t wait to see you back at book club. I emailed you some book ideas. I hope you like them. I agree that Patch is turd. You didn’t say turd but I could tell that’s what you meant.

    1. Aeryn,
      There’s lots of good stuff. What kinds of things are you into? Do you still go for the more girlie stuff? Try reading the Pretty Little Liars series by Sarah Shepard . It’s fun. You might also like the following titles:
      Much Ado About Grubstake by Jean Ferris
      Once Upon a Merrigold by Jean Ferris
      Revenge of the Homecoming Queen by Stephanie Hale
      The Heist Society by Ally Carter
      Those are just a few titles to get you started. Let me knows what you liked and I can give you some more titles to read.

  4. Hey Melissa!!! I was just wondering if you’ve read the most recent books in the Maximum Ride series. I actually found out that there are three Maximum Ride manga novels. I’m not really into manga but I would like to know if they’re any good. If you’ve read those manga novels please let me know if they’re any good. Also I love what you guys have done to the site. It’s definitely fun and cool 😀

  5. He Melissa 🙂 The site looks very well done. You guys did a great job with everthing. I would definitely recommend adding some more color to it though. Too much white doesn’t make it POP and doesn’t add the extra flair of fun that you want it to have. Also I hope you’re all surviving the snowy weather up there 😉

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