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There are so many expressions that have to do with our faces: saving face, face off, face to face. Even expressions like “face your fears,” “keep a stiff upper lip,” “keep your nose to the grindstone,” or “take it on the chin” illustrate how much we think of the human face as a symbol of strength and resilience.

Volunteer Ann R. was a mask super-producer!

During our temporary closure due to COVID-19, we certainly have missed seeing each other, our customers, and especially the warm and strong faces of our beloved volunteers. When we received word that we would need to be apart for a while, the Volunteer Services Department knew it would be like being separated from our family. Volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do. We rely on volunteers for their support in daily tasks, their creative ideas, their skills and expertise, their compassion and thoughtfulness. We have kept in touch with our volunteers and we know that things have not been easy for any of them, but we are inspired by the ways they have let us know they are persevering.

Volunteers have been shopping for their neighbors, helping at food banks, cleaning out closets, cooking old family recipes, organizing family photos, fostering shelter animals, even celebrating life events such as a mother’s 96th birthday and the homecoming of a granddaughter who was hospitalized with double pneumonia. Facing a challenge is what they do best.

When it came to facing a pandemic, facing our fears, and facing a strange and unforeseen path for the library and its community, Douglas County Libraries’ volunteers responded. The library district found itself in need of hundreds of masks in order to begin the gradual process of reopening through curbside pick-up, as well as finding other exciting new ways to serve our customers. It quickly became evident that our staff team of mask-makers would need help. Of course, absolutely of course, it was our dedicated volunteers who lovingly stepped in to help us keep one another safe. Together, our mask-making volunteers sewed close to 500 lovingly crafted face coverings. Being true to their nature, volunteers once again helped make what we do possible.

Let’s face it, we just love our volunteers!

Written by Kim McClintock, Branch Volunteer Coordinator, Highlands Ranch

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