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Book Start Staff Member of the Month

Cheryl Bryan

Book Start Staff Contact

Branch: Roxborough

Cheryl joined DCL in 1998.

“I love that DCL supports Book Start through our wonderful volunteers and inspires them to share the love of reading.”

Did You Know?

Early Literacy Practice – Write

Drawing and scribbling allow children to express themselves before they write. Encouraging them to “sign” their name to their drawings can teach them that print can represent words. You can practice this in storytime by finding books with varied lettering or signatures, like The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak and What’s Your Favorite Animal? by Eric Carle and friends.

Music & Movement Tip: Chanting

Sometimes you don’t want to sing, but there are lots of good chants out there! A great one to do that has movement and teaches opposites is the chant “Roly Poly.” Check out this video, which shows the chant with music behind it, or click here to view alternate versions performed by librarians.

Why Is Storytime Beneficial to Children?

It’s easy to understand why reading and singing to children can be beneficial, but why is storytime important? There are a lot of reasons for this:

  • Hearing stories and songs from an adult other than immediate family gives children a more diverse selection of stories and styles than they might otherwise get.
  • They learn how to pay attention to someone who isn’t their normal caregiver.
  • By listening with a group of other kids, they experience the public performance of literature and can see the engagement of other children.
  • The combination of songs and stories creates a positive association with reading, promoting a lifelong love of reading for pleasure.

Read more about the benefits to children from a parent’s perspective in this article from Medium.


Have You Had a Chance to Try … The Wheels on the Bus?

You can use this flannel board to teach this beloved children’s song. Looking for alternate verses to fit your theme? Try these or these!


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