Celebration Time!

For Volunteer Services staff, our joy is in seeing all of you, our volunteers, feel valued and appreciated. We want you to make connections with one another, with staff, and with the community. You add tremendous value to our organization and we appreciate your time, talent and skills. We also appreciate your smiles, jokes and stories!

This year, you helped host events including Wizard School, Cultural Arts Fair, author presentations, crafting sessions, coding class, pet adoptions, and more. In addition, those of you who volunteer weekly placed items on the shelves in a timely manner for our patrons and made sure they were in good condition. Some of you also packed books to send to soldiers, stocked our Second Chapter Used Bookstores with materials at great prices, added books to our online inventory, and assisted at our Storytimes … and the list goes on.

So as fall is upon us, it is time to celebrate another year of your accomplishments! At past year-end branch events, we have made crafts, learned about different library offerings (like nontraditional items and upcoming remodel plans), and had a storyteller talk about a library adventure and a special spider. Good food and drinks are always a part of the celebration. We hope you are enjoying the celebrations occurring at the branches hosted by your Branch Volunteer Coordinator.

Thanks to you, our amazing volunteers, DCL elevates our community!

Written by Teresa LeFevre, Branch Volunteer Coordinator at Lone Tree

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