On the Loose: Stuffed Animals Take Over!

On a cold Friday evening in February, stuffed animals came alive and wreaked havoc all through the Parker branch. Who knew that a triceratops could lead Storytime, or that a monkey could operate the copier? With a touch of volunteer magic, anything is possible!

At our Stuffed Animal Sleepover event, young children and their parents visited the library on a Friday night to drop off their stuffed animals. They were greeted by welcoming volunteers and friendly staff. Before saying goodnight to the animals, the kids and their animals decorated cookies, colored a fabric scarf, and came together for a goodnight Storytime.

After the kids said their goodnights and went home for the evening, our six wonderful volunteers worked their magic alongside staff members Jayna and Kelcy to “help” the stuffed animals get into mischief around the library. This group of teen volunteers demonstrated our core values of being welcoming to the children and their families, being trustworthy in the library after hours, and being innovative with creative photo poses.

Kudos to volunteers Cole, John, Rylee, Haley, Samantha U., Samantha W., and Connor for an amazing job.

Written by Michael King, Parker Branch Volunteer Coordinator


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