Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Douglas County Libraries (DCL) is always recruiting teens to fill our volunteer opportunities and help them achieve their community service requirements for graduation. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors, it’s never too early to get your volunteer hours completed! In addition, DCL’s enhanced safety measures make it safe to volunteer.

Reasons to volunteer include:

  • Stand out on college applications and resumés by volunteering.
  • Help others in your community.
  • Feel a sense of satisfaction, learn leadership and job skills, improve mental health, and build communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Connect what you are learning in school with the real world.
  • Discover the library as a passion or potential career choice.
  • Open doors to potential future references or employers.
  • Earn awards that can set you apart on your college applications and resumés.

Click here to explore our current volunteer opportunities!

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